Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Fashion in the 1950's

Behaving and looking "every inch the lady" was expected from a very early age in the 1950's. The key here is the word 'dress', it was the most common item worn by women at that time. The idea was to emphasise the waist and show an hourglass silhouette. The two distinct looks were the narrow, slim fitting look and the more full skirted style. While the mature woman tended to opt for pencil skirts, teenage girls often wore swing skirts.
The shirt waist dress was another design that became increasingly popular during the 1950's. Typically buttoned from neck to waist, it then turned into a full skirt at the hip. These short-sleeved dresses were ideal for during the day and were often made with pockets to cater household duties. Hour glass suits also became popular, with the jacket tending to be fitted worn with a full or pencil skirt. All necklines were kept classic and Conservative in the early 50's. Before the 60's came around and they were cut in a more daring way exposing more of the neckline with a scoop design.

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