Friday, 15 October 2010

Icon for Fashion...x

She is the best-selling female rock artist of the 20th century with many number one hits under her stylish belt including "Like a prayer", "Papa don't preach" and "Vogue". Madonna is known for regularly changing both her music and image. Considered one of the most influential musicians in contemporary music, Madonna earned herself the nickname "Queen of reinvention". Her opinions and attitude towards sex, nudity, style and sexuality made the world sit up and take notice of her.
Through the years she has created some of the most memorable get-ups we've ever seen, from lace leggings under mini-skirts to dominatrix diva ensembles she has influenced so many of today's trends. Her style and attitude changed everything for modern women, they didn't have to dress conservatively and follow the crowd anymore. Madonna had made way for bare midriffs, layered tops, fingerless lace gloves and a stack load of bangles. Obviously parents at that time weren't too pleased when they discovered their daughters attempting to go out in nothing but a bra and string vest, but that was fashion and most importantly Madonna's ever evolving fashion.
One of the looks she is renowned for is the Jean-Paul Gaultier gold corset with the conical bra, that she wore for her 1990 Blond ambition tour. The tour itself made a lot of controversy due to it's theme of sex and religion, which obviously do not go hand in hand. Her hairstyles have been another factor to her image. From backcombed and coloured to blonde, brunette, black and back to blonde again, she kept the nation glued to her evolving style.
She came, we saw, the fashion of Madonna conquered the

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