Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Up and coming designer

Abigail Keats
Born November 11th 1986 in Johannesburg South Africa, Abigail Keats graduated top of her class from the SA London International school of fashion in 2007. She has been deemed "designer to watch" by Cosmopolitan and "designer of the month" in Elle magazine.
Her first collection was launched at Audi's Autumn/Winter fashion week in 2008, it was part of the new generation designer show. Everything has happened very fast for this young designer who is still only 24 years old. Abigail's collections are for the women out there who want nothing more than sophistication, classic glamour and all round style infused into their wardrobe. Abigail's current collection is inspired by the simple beauty of black and white. The pieces are tailored, with a feminine twist to a somewhat masculine style. This girl knows her textures and silhouettes, every piece is cutting-edge with the elegance to carry you from day to night.

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