Monday, 8 November 2010

The Boys are bringing sexy back!

The year? 2011.

The boys? Stylish!

Ladies have you stopped and looked around lately, the men are taking leaps and bounds up the fashion ladder and we haven't even celebrated it. Can you remember the 80's and 90's? Clothes were not exactly on the normal mans list of things to do. But skip a decade or two and the boys are making us look like amateurs in the shopping department! I know, it hurts a little doesn't it. But lets not be bitter my
lovelies, lets take a look at some of the famous men who are inspiring their style and revel in it!

Olly Murs
This jolly, cheeky chap with a spring in his step has certainly made our ears stand up when we hear his catchy tunes and his outfits are worth a second glance too. Olly has said in the past that he is addicted to clothes shopping, now that's an addiction to have, if i do say so myself! The hats, the braces, their all effortless pieces, yet so effective. He's proved that men really can pull off smart and comfortable clothing that will make the girls take notice!

The flamboyant Russell Brand has described himself, in the past, as looking like an "S&M Willy wonka ". However i think some of us would greatly disagree, his usual attire consists of drainpipe jeans, beatle boots and the trademark black eyeliner. Now we might not admit it to our mates and boyfriends, but how much do we love a man with a bit of eyeliner on ladies!? Oh and the opened shirt look, now that's a style statement if i ever did see one. Thanks Russell!
Russell Brand

Calm down ladies, he's here, the one and only Robert Pattinson! In 2010 GQ magazine and Glamour both named him "Best dressed man" with GQ also stating " Extremely elegant and inspiring, the true essence of a contemporary man". Wowsers, he certainly has made an impression on the fashion world and our world, obviously!
Robert Pattinson

Check him out, its the fashion forward and his futuristic wardrobe! This man knows how to rock his clothes on and off the red carpet, with a look so unique that only the brave could pull it off, he is sprinting far ahead in the fashion race. Before joining The Black Eyed Peas this chart-topping superstar attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, so he definitely knows a thing or two about fashion. also designed his own signature clothing line named,, which made it's debut in Las Vegas. Crikey this man means business, so not only does he have his raving hands in fashion, he is also a world famous rapper, singer, actor oh and producer! Phew!

How times have changed, for no more do we see the shabby shellsuits of the man'drobe or the 'I've just woke up from the night before' baggy shirt and jeans combo. We are now surrounded by stylish, attractive and well groomed men. All of the above are having big influences on mens fashion today and we should be really, really grateful! These famous fellows are only a handful of the fashion forward males out there right now, I just feel that any more exposure and praise will make them all feel a little smug and well, we don't want that do we ladies......No!

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  1. Great article! Absolutely agree, these guys are really cool!